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Brave Journey, Safe Harbor: 2020 Canvass

You can PLEDGE $'s ONLINE as generously as you are able!

You can PLEDGE Your Time ONLINE as generously as you are able!

UUCR’s 2020 Annual Canvass to Provide for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

What is the Canvass?

The Canvass is when we renew our financial commitments to keep UUCR running.

It is a time to reflect upon our values and upon what is important in our lives.

  • How does UUCR enrich you, your family, and our community?
  • How can UUCR be a safe harbor for more people?
  • Can UUCR do more to strengthen and inspire us to practice courageous love?

The results of the canvass guide our Board of Trustees in planing for next year. How brave will our journey be?

New this year: Pledging for all ages.

In addition to our usual call for financial support, this year we are asking you to make a pledge of time. Not necessarily labor! Please click here for details. We hope you and your family like this!

Original artwork by Susie Spangler

What does “Brave Journey, Safe Harbor” mean?

  • We are all on life journeys, sailing into unknown waters to face stormy weather.
  • UUCR community is our safe harbor, where we restock, repair, and prepare for the next adventures and challenges.

Why should I pledge?

The need for financial support is obvious, but the need for pledging might not be. By pledging our support in advance, we make it possible for our congregational leaders to plan UUCR's finances for the coming year. Pledging makes it easier to decide what we can and cannot afford to do. Here are some of the blessings that you provide through your pledge:

  • our caring, competent, and hard-working staff
  • Religious Education for children and youth
  • Sunday morning worship and fellowship
  • our joyful music and arts ministries
  • adult faith formation programs
  • social justice in our community and beyond
  • small group ministry
  • beautiful spaces indoors and out

What is this year’s Goal?

We have two goals this year:

  • Raise the number of pledges to 220 (an increase of 13 from last year's pledges)
  • A total pledged amount of $602, 400 (an increase of $34,700)

As you can see from the pie chart below, pledges account for about 75% of the congregational budget.

How do you choose the pledge goal?

The $34,700 increase is taken from the proposed budget (created by the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees). It represents an increase of 6.1% over last year's actual pledges. Congregational expenses increase every year because of inflation. Recently, our budget has stayed in the black only because of special, non-pledge gifts from some especially generous congregants, which is not sustainable. Reaching our target would also allow UUCR to restore our historical generosity to the UUA Annual Program Fund.

The participation goal reflects that many of us have not pledged financial support. We hope that making this an explicit goal will raise awareness that the pledge commitment is an important part of supporting each other. 

What does it cost to run UUCR?

The total is $775,125. The following pie chart summarizes the costs expected for the next fiscal year.


What about non-pledge financial resources?

Most of UUCR's finances are supported by congregants' pledges, but not all. Rental income and special events like the Action Auction provide significant support, as shown in the pie chart below. While these other sources help to round out the budget, pledged financial support from the Canvass is critical.


How much should I pledge?

Your pledge is a personal expression of your values and what UUCR means to you. It is an investment in the current congregation and in those who will come after us.

Last year the average UUCR annual pledge was $2,754 and the median pledge was $1,764. 

As a very general guide, consider these ranges:

  • Between 2% and 10% of your pre-tax income
  • Between 20% and 90% of the amount of federal income tax that you pay
  • Between 20% and 90% of the purchase price of your newest motor vehicle

Please consider what UUCR contributes to you, your family, your friends, and our community. More details can be found in  UUA Fair Share Giving Guide.

Your pledge is not a legal contract. If your financial situation changes, it is appropriate to adjust your pledge correspondingly (hopefully upwards!). So please pledge bravely! We have your back.

How do I pledge?

This year, “Pledge Sunday” is March 8!  At the end of the worship service, all members and friends will be invited to complete a pledge card.

You can also pledge online, either using Realm or a web-based form.

There will be a Canvass table in the Corridor on Sundays throughout March. Please stop by with questions or to complete a pledge card in person.

How and when do I pay my pledge?

Pledges made during this canvass should be fulfilled by a single payment or multiple payments before June 30, 2021.

Checks can be mailed to UUCR (100 Welsh Park Drive, Rockville, MD 20850), placed in the offering basket during Sunday morning services, or placed in the deposit slot in the wall of the Building 1 hallway (across from the copier workroom/quiet sitting area). Please write “pledge” in the memo line of your check to ensure it is properly credited to your pledge.

Pledges can also be paid through direct debit. To make a one-time payment or to set up a regular monthly payment from your checking or savings account, click here. To learn more or to request assistance in setting up your direct debit, please contact UUCR Assistant TreasurerEric Burch.

Pledgers will receive quarterly statements from the UUCR Assistant Treasurer that show their commitments for UUCR's next fiscal year.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them via email to canvassteam@uucr.org . 

Blessed be!

Canvass Co-Chairs: Beth Mellen Harrison and Karl Irikura

  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world