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Our Sermons

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Upcoming Sermons & Services

All in-person gatherings at UUCR are suspended until further notice. ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. View the latest "All-UUCR" emails here for ongoing updates re: virtual gathering.

Our Spiritual Theme for October 2020: Deep Listening

Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom (virtual worship space opens at 10:15 a.m.)

That, That! I Want More of That!
Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage

Sunday, October 25 — Do you hear voices sometimes? I do. Well, maybe not voices but spirit whispers that say, "Stop and Listen." Spirit whispers that make me pause and take note. Are you on a path that is not yours? Are you called to something or someone that won't let you go? Are you being nudged to say, "Yes, I'm here - send me!" or is spirit warning you with, "Danger, danger Will Robinson"? Listen; we are being called to listen. October 25 is also New Member Sunday! On this day, we formally recognize and welcome the newest members of UUCR with our Director of Communications & Membership, Adrian Graham.

Past Sunday Services

Who We Listen to Is Who We Become
Mathew Taylor and Kirk Freeman, Ministerial Interns

Sunday, October 18 — We often say, "you are what you eat". It is also true that who we listen to, we become. Led by our Ministerial Interns Mathew Taylor and Kirk Freeman, in this special service featuring a diverse range of multigenerational speakers, we will explore their messages and challenges for us.

Harvesting a Deeper Way of Living
Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage

Sunday, October 11 — When we plant the seeds of compassion, justice grows. As we seek justice on earth, and justice for the earth, how are we harvesting a deeper way of living? What are we feeding and what are we starving? Come and drink deep in our time of worship with special guest musician, Laura Congdon on the handpan.
Vote Love, Defeat Hate
UUCR Worship Arts Team

Sunday, October 4 — The Unitarian Universalist Association has invited all UU congregations to participate in a special UU the Vote worship service, drawing together voices from across Unitarian Universalism as we ground together in our faith and roll up our sleeves to bring our values to the public square in the 2020 elections. The UUCR service will incorporate elements provided by the UUA, including a homily by UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, with live components featuring UUCR’s Get Out the Vote activities. In this service, we aspire to provide hope, inspiration, and encouragement, so that our collective spirits can be bolstered for the work ahead.

Click here for more details on summer services

September 27 — "Naps As a Form of Resistance" with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage
September 20 — "Renewing and Beginning Again" with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage
September 13 — Ingathering & Water Communion with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage, Incoming Settled Minister
Septebmer 6 — "Renewal Is an Inside Job" with Dr. Laura Shay, MTS, Guest Preacher
August 30 — "Chronos and Kairos" with Dr. Laura Solomon, Guest Preacher
August 23 — "Peace in Our Time?" with Greg C. Carrow-Boyd, Guest Preacher
August 16 — "Balancing the Scales"  by Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage shared by Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel, settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County in State College, PA
August 9 — "Peaces" with Christin Green, MDiv, Guest Preacher
August 2 — "A Complicated Bounty" with Tyler Coles, MDiv, Guest Preacher
July 26 — "Surprised by Joy" with Rev. Kimberley Debus, Guest Preacher
July 19 — "Learning to Say Goodbye" with Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, Interim Senior Minister
July 12 — "It Takes Practice" with Matt Meyer, Guest Preacher
July 5 — "Getting Into Position" with Christin Green, MDiv, Guest Preacher

Beyond the Water's Edge: General Assembly Sunday Morning Worship
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval(link is external), Unitarian Church of Montpelier (VT)
Sunday, June 28 — Join UUCR at 9:45 a.m. on June 28 for welcome and check-in before we leave our Zoom Sanctuary, going together virtually to join more than 6,000 Unitarian Universalists at General Assembly for a shared worship at 10:00 a.m. You will not want to miss this!

Father's Day
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, with UUCR Members
Sunday, June 21 — A Collage of Voices from the UUCR community - Kirsten French; Mark Stiles; Ricardo, Michael, and Henry Carvajal; Ginny Folsom; Ken Ambrose; Brian Haugen - reflecting on fathers. Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles will add her reflections on "Pride and Protest."

Flower Communion - Community Compassion
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage, et al.
Sunday, June 14 — On this day when we observe the traditional Unitarian ceremony of community called Flower Communion, we will offer thanks and appreciation for the leaders in our community, especially those who have offered pastoral care and helping hands, and those who have been volunteer teachers. Toward the end of the Zoom service, those who are nearby are invited to drive through the church parking lot to give and receive flowers.

Music Sunday - Compassion in the Time of COVID-19
Sarah Jebian, Director of Music, et al.
Sunday, June 7 — The landscape of how we make music together has changed for the foreseeable future. As musicians all over the world frantically learn how to do what they do in a virtual reality, it is time to practice radical compassion - for ourselves and others. Sarah and Justin, along with other UUCR musicians and singers will explore the theme of compassion by allowing a glimpse behind the scenes of how we make music...especially in this new era of COVID-19. The Choir will make its virtual debut!

Ordained for the Thresholds
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles
Sunday, May 31 — Religious community offers support to people throughout their lives, crossing thresholds from one stage to the next, onward to the final crossing. Rev. Linda offers a homily, reminding us of our calling to this ministry.

Memorial Day Sunday & Legacy Sunday
Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage, et al.
Sunday, May 24 — We remember and honor those who have served, as well as those who are no longer with us from this UUCR Beloved Community. As a part of honoring, Sherry Dittmann will share about UUCR's Legacy Society as we celebrate those who have chosen to have enduring blessings towards our shared future. May we be worthy of their legacy.

Crossing Thresholds - A Bridging Service
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles; Carla Miller, Director of Religious Education; Adrian Graham, Director of Communications & Membership
Sunday, May 17 — UUCR honors high school seniors who will cross a figurative "bridge" as they graduate. Sean Hickey offers a reflection on being a young adult who crossed the bridge from UUCR youth to young adulthood and leadership. And we welcome our newest members.

Arise, Mothers!
Sunday, May 10 — A number of UUCR congregants share their reflections on this Mother's Day. And Rev. Linda Olsen Peebles offers a homily about the responsibility of all who cross the threshold from being those who are nurtured to becoming those who offer nurture. What are mothers and nurturers called in these times to rise up to cry out to the world?

Where Is Your Shovel?
Sunday, May 3 — The Rev. Rebekah A. Savage, our Candidate for Senior Minister , will reflect on our spiritual theme of the month, Thresholds.

"Thresholds". What do we gain in this time of spiritual transition?
Liberating Our Relationships
Sunday, April 26 — The Rev. Russ Savage , a longtime beloved UU colleague in the DC region, joins UUCR today to offer an inspiring message.

Earth Day
Rev. Rebekah Savage, et al.
Sunday, April 19 — Our worship theme for the month is, ironically, “Liberation”. On this day, we are reminded that liberation for us is inextricably linked to our interdependent web of all existence. We celebrate the bursts of spring, and mourn the mounting hardships around us.

Easter Sunday
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, et al.
Sunday, April 12 — Through story and song and community connections, we remind each other that our burdens can be lifted and our lives can offer meaning to one another.

Bold Journey, Safe Harbor
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, et al.
Sunday, April 5 — Even in this strange time of quarantine, physical separation, suspension as “life-as-usual” – the cherry blossoms bloomed! Our congregation has come together online and through phone calls and pastoral outreaches. In the midst of fear and anxiety, it is good for our souls to be liberated by the promise of love and spring returning and the continuing commitment we all feel with one another.


Past Sermons

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Drawing the Circle Wide - Who's in Your Circle?

Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles


Looking Back from (Nearly) Eighty

Jim Blue, UUCR member



Rev. Rebekah Savage
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