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Our Sermons

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All in-person gatherings at UUCR are suspended until further notice. ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. View the latest "All-UUCR" emails here for ongoing updates re: virtual gathering.

Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. via Zoom (virtual worship space opens at 10:15 a.m.)

Check out our Summer Worship Services with sermon descriptions and speaker bios for June 27 through September 5, 2021!

Wide Open Spaces
Sunday, July 25 — In their 1998 song "Wide Open Spaces", The Chicks wrote about a young girl's need for space and time to make mistakes and grow into her adult self. We all need wide open spaces from time to time, time with the expansiveness of nature and the universe to make sense of our lives and deepen our connection. Let's explore together how we can be "wide open" and find spaces that are full of wisdom. Led by Rev. KC Slack.
Elements of the Earth
Sunday, August 1 —  Throughout history, faith traditions have celebrated with the Earth’s bounty. Let’s explore together these traditions and the richness of the past and the present. Led by Laura Shay & Scott Reilly

Wonder and Awe from Science and Reality
Sunday, August 8 — We are amazed at reality, from the Big Bang to the life that has evolved in a drop of water to the beauty of our gardens. Led by Jim Blue & Glenn Griffin.

It Takes a Village
Sunday, August 15 —  There is an old African proverb: "It takes a village to raise a child." We are all "children" of our UUCR village and we pledge to "...help one another..." The global pandemic has left many feeling emotionally raw, fragile and alone. With Nancy Spencer and Ginny Folsom, we will explore wellness practices to help us care for, nurture and comfort, not only ourselves, but also the UUCR village and its children. Led by Nancy Spencer & Ginny Folsom. 
Incomprehensible Beauty
Sunday, August 22 —   Ansel Adams wrote, "I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful; an endless prospect of magic and wonder." As we begin the last month of summer, how are we beholding magic and wonder in our lives? How are inviting magic and wonder as spiritual practices? Led by Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage. 
From the Red Hills of Georgia
Sunday, August 29 —    Join guest preacher, Verdis L. Robinson, as he tells of his ancestral journey to the red hills of Georgia and to a beloved community called “Old Field.” Those who have come before us offered story and song as healing balms in difficult times. What messages do our ancestors have for us in these times? How do we find joy in the earth that is stained red from their blood? Let us draw upon the healing wisdom of the ancestors to build a beloved community. Led by Verdis Robinson.
Wondertwins Activate
Sunday, September 5 —  Join the Wonder Twins Kirk and Mathew as they bring us on home from a summer filled with joy for the earth and they ground us in the new possibilities of the church year ahead. Led by Kirk Freeman & Mathew P. Taylor.


Past Sunday Services

Growing Myself in the Garden
Sunday, July 18 —A service of poems, musings, and songs on our connection to the Earth, and how we ground ourselves in turbulent times. Led by Cynthia Shires-Thurston & Wayne Crump, with special music performed live by Wayne Crump.

Seeds of Being: On Truth-Telling and Seeds as Sacred Text
Sunday, July 11 — An earlier version of Cassie’s sermon, “Seeds of Being: On Truth-Telling and Seeds as Sacred Text,” earned her recent acclaim as a Harvard Divinity School Billings Preaching Prize Finalist and emerges from ongoing scholarship on ancestral knowing, embodied relationality, and the stretching of the sacred. Led by Cassie Montenegro.

Rebirth of a Nation
Sunday, July 4 —  Sikh Activist and Author Valarie Kaur in one of her most famous quotes asks, “What if our country is yet to be born and we are in the midst of a really long labor?” Join Intern Mathew as they seek to ask and answer that very question. Led Ministerial Intern Mathew Taylor.

GA Sunday

Sunday, June 27 — Recognizing the importance of shared ministry and the many innovative approaches to worship created by congregations during the pandemic, UUA President, Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick Gray, selected the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis to serve as worship leaders for this year's GA Sunday Morning Service. UUCR will stream the service at our regular worship time of 10:30am. 

Click here for more details on the following summer services:

September 27 — "Naps As a Form of Resistance" with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage
September 20 — "Renewing and Beginning Again" with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage
September 13 — Ingathering & Water Communion with Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage, Incoming Settled Minister
Septebmer 6 — "Renewal Is an Inside Job" with Dr. Laura Shay, MTS, Guest Preacher
August 30 — "Chronos and Kairos" with Dr. Laura Solomon, Guest Preacher
August 23 — "Peace in Our Time?" with Greg C. Carrow-Boyd, Guest Preacher
August 16 — "Balancing the Scales"  by Rev. Dr. Rebekah A. Savage shared by Rev. Carol Thomas Cissel, settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre County in State College, PA
August 9 — "Peaces" with Christin Green, MDiv, Guest Preacher
August 2 — "A Complicated Bounty" with Tyler Coles, MDiv, Guest Preacher


Past Sermons

Read or listen to a recent Sunday sermon below, or visit our archived sermons for more. Transcripts are saved as PDFs, and mp3 audio can be played online.


Growing Myself in the Garden

Cynthia Shires-Thurston, Chris Black & Wayne Crump


Seeds of Being: On Truth-Telling and Seeds as Sacred Text

Cassandra Montenegro


Rebirth of a Nation

Mathew P. Taylor
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