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What is Socrates Café?

Have you ever wanted a time and place to have a meaningful discussion about important issues?

Socrates Café is a philosophic discussion in a small to mid-sized group (6 to 10 people), conducted loosely in the style of Plato's Socratic dialogues. That means that questions are often used to prompt participants to clarify their statements or to consider the logic of their line of thinking. Often there are many more questions than answers, but the discussions tend to be far-reaching and very stimulating. Participants themselves generate the questions to be discussed each time. They can expect to leave with a clearer understanding of others' positions, as well as their own, on questions of significant moral or ethical import. You may learn more at the website of Socrates Café's creator.  

Socrates Café Rockville is open to all. We have a coffeehouse-style atmosphere, with coffees, teas, and light refreshments. There is no cost to attend, and no sign-up is necessary. Come when you can. Bring a friend. For further information, contact socrates@uucr.org. Click for directions to UUCR.

When is Socrates Café Rockville?

We meet on the 4th Saturday of every month from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., in Fellowship Hall in Building 1.


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November 24, 2018

December 22, 2018

January 26, 2019

February 23, 2019

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May 25, 2019

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  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world