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In the Eyes of the Beholder

The Worship Arts Team will proudly kick off our monthlong exploration of History with a message titled "In the Eyes of the Beholder…" Presented by Nancy Spencer and based on a quote by Richard Friedlander—"Like beauty, an event’s significance is often in the eyes of the beholder,”—we will take a look into the meaning of history and how individual and cultural views may shape what is told, re-told, or omitted. We will try to answer the question, 'Is the "history" we were taught as children the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or is it a limited perspective from the point of view of the teller?" We will also explore the relationship between spirituality and history—past, present, and future.

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Nancy Spencer
Sunday, November 7, 2021
  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world