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Lay Ministry Council

Lay Ministry Council

At UUCR, we understand ministry to be a shared responsibility.  Some people have special responsibilities for ministry: our Minister, intern ministers, our staff, and our Lay Ministers.  The Lay Ministry Council promotes inspiring ministry and programs through leadership and support using a whole congregation approach.  We are guided in all that we do by UUCR’s Values, Mission, and Covenant of Right Relations.

Most Lay Ministers support program areas as part of their ministry.  We purposefully engage with the congregation, program leaders, Ministers, and members of the Board of Trustees to benefit from their wisdom, personal experiences, and points of view.

Lay Ministers provide inspiration and a caring ear to those in their program areas, and help keep others informed about happenings and changes. Lay Ministers also support the chairs of the committees in their program areas and support their leadership. We work with the Board of Trustees to facilitate Strategic Plan goals. Lay Ministers often support special projects of the Council.

The Lay Ministry Council meets monthly to learn what’s new at UUCR, share accomplishments, and discuss topics of common interest. We are committed to the development and deepening of our individual knowledge, skills, faith practices and beliefs.  We celebrate UUCR’s strengths and accomplishments, while remaining aware of emerging issues and needs.

Worship & Music Arts: Cynthia Shires-Thurston

Fellowship and Hospitality: Julie Robinson

Social Justice: Chris Mennone

Pastoral Care: Kent Hancock

Leadership Development: Terrie Barr, Karen Malley

Buildings and Grounds: Karl Irikura

Stewardship: Mark Shannon

Membership and Communications: Marie Vivas

Adult Faith Formation: Ellen Rohan

Family Faith Formation: Temporarily Vacant – RE Committee members rotate at our meetings

At-large: Steve Eckstrand

Board of Trustees Liaison: Betsy Wilder

Co-chairs: Terrie Barr, Mark Shannon

Spiritual Leadership:  Rev. Dr. Rebekah Savage

If you have any questions about the Council, please contact Terrie Barr or Mark Shannon.

  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world