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Choose the Gift Option that matches your goal to support Unitarian Universalism

Create a Legacy of Hope - Savor the Joy of Giving

If your goal is to:

  1. Make a quick and easy gift
    1. Action Required--write a check
    2. Benefits—a charitable income tax deduction and immediate impact on UUCR
  2. Avoid tax on capital gains
    1. Action Required--contribute highly appreciated assets owned for more than a year, such as stock, real estate or mutual funds.
    2. Benefits—a charitable deduction for the full market value and no capital gains tax.
  3. Keep financial options open during your lifetime
    1. Action Required--put a bequest in your will (to be funded with cash, IRA benefits, specific property or a share of your residuary estate)
    2. Benefits--a taxable estate reduced by one dollar for every dollar donated.
  4. Protect assets and financial flexibility
    1. Action Required--transfer assets to a revocable trust and name UUCR as final beneficiary.
    2. Benefits--full control of the trust and its terms, a reduced taxable estate and no public probate of trust.
  5. Secure a fixed, guaranteed income for the rest of your life
    1. Action Required--give cash or stock to fund a UUA charitable gift annuity
    2. Benefits--a charitable deduction, some tax-free income and no market risks.
  6. Diversify portfolio, avoid capital gains and boost income
    1. Action Required--Create a UUA charitable remainder trust ($100,000 and above) that makes payments to you and your love ones.
    2. Benefits--a fixed or variable income for the rest of your life, a charitable deduction and a reduced estate.
  7. Protect estate from high taxes due on IRA, 403(b) or pension plan
    1. Action Required--name UUCR as beneficiary of all or portion of the plan assets remaining after your lifetime.
    2. Benefits--reduced estate and income taxes on loved ones’ inheritance.
  8. Avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home or other real estate.
    1. Action Required--give the property to UUCR or transfer it to a charitable unitrust.
    2. Benefits--a charitable deduction, a reduced estate, plus no capital gains tax.
  9. Create a hedge against inflation over the long term
    1. Action Required--donate stock or cash to the UUA pooled income fund or fund a charitable remainder unitrust.
    2. Benefits--a variable income that may grow over time as the value of the gift grows, a charitable deduction and no capital gains tax.

*Based on information in UUA Pathway to a Legacy. The UUCR Planned Giving Committee recommends that you check with your financial and/or legal advisers and the UUA Office of Charitable Gift and Estate Planning regarding a UUA charitable gift annuity, remainder trust or unitrust and pooled life income funds. Several UUA brochures are available.

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