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Lay Leadership

UUCR's Board of Trustees, Lay Ministry Council, and many committees, teams, and groups are comprised of dedicated, hard-working volunteers who devote their time and talents to care for the congregation and support its mission and ministry. Click on the links below to learn more about our lay leadership.

Board of Trustees

Lay Ministry Council

You will find UUCR's governing documents by clicking here.

You will find important policies, procedures, and guidelines by clicking here.

UUCR Strategic Planning Documents

UUCR Committees, Teams, and Groups

Contact information for all of the lay leaders listed below may be found in the UUCR Directory. Please report any changes or errors to Adrian Graham, Director of Communications & Membership, at agraham@uucr.org



Board & Congregation Chartered Committees

Colleen Dolak, Board Chair

Committee on Ministry

Cita Furlani

Personnel Committee

Suzanne Carrillo

Investment Committee

Steve Reed


Mark Shannon, Lay Minister (LM)

Stewardship Committee


Canvass Committee

Mark Shannon

Finance Committee

Bill Newhouse

Planned Giving Committee

Sharrill Dittmann

Congregation Chartered Committee

Colleen Dolak, Board Chair

Nominating Committee

Antonio Carrillo

Operations and Governance

Colleen Dolak, Board Chair

Leadership Development & Recruitment Plan Team

Bonnie Bloomquist, Sherry Dittmann and Terrie Barr, Lay Ministers

Buildings & Grounds Program Area

Lay Minister - Vacant

Aesthetics Committee

Liliane Blom, Sharrill Dittmann

Buildings & Grounds Committee

Narcy Klag

Information Technology Committee

Bill Newhouse

Sound Committee

Mike Holmes

Power Tool Gang

Narcy Klag, Dan Pierce

Gardeners & Weeders

Sue Hedges, Mary Lanigan

Landscape Committee


Fellowship & Hospitality Program Area

Julie Robinson, Lay Minister

Craft Group

Sherry Henry

Dinners for 8

Brian Sullivan


April Pulvirenti and Jon Landenburger


Louise Friedenberg, Jo Wilson

UUCR Book Club

Carolyn Pooley

Literary Fiction Book Club

Marialyce Sherr

Young Adults Group

Liz Hedges


Faith Formation Program Area


Adult Faith Formation Committee

Maura Malone, contact; Bruce Baskett, LM

Children & Youth Religious Education Committee

Carla Miller, Director of Religious Education, Eric Strong and Fran Lowe, Lay Ministers

Membership & Communications Program Area

Marie Vivas, Lay Minister

Denominational Connections

Eric Burch

Newcomer Classes

Adrian Graham, Director of Communications & Membership


Adrian Graham, Director of Communications & Membership

Quest Newsletter

quest@uucr.org(link sends e-mail)


Webteam(link sends e-mail)

Social Justice Program Area

Ethel Gilbert, Lay Minister

Partner Church Committee

Louise Friedenberg

Social Justice Committee

Sean McCarthy

Beacon House


Community Ministries of Rockville

Betsy Wilder

Environmental Action Group

Len Cohen

Hunger Relief Task Group

Dolores Barnes

Immigration Action Group

Gayle Boyd

Interfaith Works

Kay Newhouse

Shelter Meals


LGBTQ Task Group

Stephanie Kreps

Peace Study Group

Steven Lapham

Racial Justice Working Group

Fran Lowe, Marie Reed, Julie Robinson

Beloved Conversations

Fran Lowe, Marie Reed

Rainbow Youth Alliance

Stephanie Kreps

Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland

Alonzo Smith

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee


Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice

Kalman Rupp


Spiritual & Caring Program Area

Bonnie Bloomquist, and Kent Hancock, Lay Minister

Pastoral Care Team

Paulette Campbell, Jane Klag

Small Ministry Groups

Rev. Rebekah Savage and Bonnie Bloomquist

Spirit of Life Sangha

Liliane Floge, Bob Campbell, Ethel Gilbert

Women's Open Spiritual Connection Group

Sahar Dawisha, Diane Baillie, Julie Robinson

Worship & Music Program Area

Cynthia Shires-Thurston, Lay Minister

Adult Choir, Unisons (youth ensemble) & Children’s Choir

Sarah Jebian, Director of Music

Sonaria (women's ensemble)

Cynthia Shires-Thurston

UUCR Drum Circles


Worship Arts Team

Jim Blue

Music Committee

Bronson Hoover

Sound Committee

Mike Holmes


Jose Clemente

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Solstice/Equinox

Lisa Reed

Decorations Committee


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