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Spend Time with UUs at UUCR!

New this year: Pledging for all ages

What is this?

In addition to our usual call for financial support, this year we are asking you to make a pledge of time. Not necessarily labor! Your service is important, of course, but your presence among us is critical to our UUCR community.  We hope that everyone, including children, will make a pledge to spend a specific amount of time in UUCR community. 

Original artwork by Susie Spangler

Why is this part of the Canvass?

  • Our annual Canvass is a kind of election. We are voting with our money to decide whether to keep UUCR running. At other times during the year, we also vote with our time and with our feet. Many resources are necessary to maintain our community.
  • We cannot function without our contributions of both money and time. Without money, we would have:
    • no ministers
    • no staff
    • no classroms
    • no Sanctuary
    • no playground
    • no coffee
  • Without time, we would have:
    • no worshippers on Sunday
    • no choir
    • no classroom teachers
    • no one in classes
    • no one at the Fellowship Dinner
    • no coffee


Why are children and youth asked to pledge?

Young people are an essential part of our congregational community. Youth and children may contribute more time to UUCR than many adults do and deserve recognition. Consider activities like these:

  • Our Whole Lives (OWL) classes
  • UUCR playground fellowship
  • retreats and overnights
  • Boston heritage trip
  • fundraisers
  • social justice projects


What is the benefit of making a pledge of time?

Any kind of pledge is a commitment. By making commitments, we encourage ourselves to stay focused on what we have decided is important. By recognizing the value of contributions of time, we acknowledge that: 

  • having fun together and enjoying our community is part of our mission
  • many people donate time to serving UUCR
  • we need children and others who cannot pledge money
  • our congregation is not viable or vital without young people
  • all active congregants enrich our community and widen our circle
  • we need people just to be here and to share their presence


How much should I pledge?

As with money, your pledge of time is a personal statement of your values and of how UUCR enriches you and your family. It is an investment in the current congregation and in those who will come after us. It is also the main way that you collect benefits from being in community. 

This is the first time we are asking for pledges of time, so we have no guidelines from previous years. Below are some rough numbers that may be helpful.  Do you have more suggestions? We hope to grow this list as we gather well-informed estimates. 

  • 100 hours: attend UUCR 50 Sundays for 1 hour of worship or class and 1 hour of fellowship
  • 30 hours: join a small group ministry
  • 30 hours or more: join a committee
  • 12 hours: give someone a ride to and from UUCR once a month
  • 150 hours: join the choir
  • 2 to 100 hours: attend, help with, or lead a special event or fundraiser
  • 15 to 90 hours: help with or teach a religious education class once or twice a month

Look for many more opportunities in the Sunday morning Order of Service, in UUCR E-Weekly, and in the Quest newsletter!

Your pledge is not a legal contract. If your situation changes, it is appropriate to adjust your pledge correspondingly (hopefully upwards!). So please pledge bravely!


How do I pledge?

This year, “Pledge Sunday” is March 8!  At the end of the worship service, all members and friends will be invited to complete a yellow pledge card for a money pledge (see Annual Canvass) and also a green pledge card for a pledge of time. You can also complete a pledge card at the Canvass table in the Corridor on Sundays throughout March.


How and when do I "pay" my pledge of time?

Pledges made during this canvass should be fulfilled before June 30, 2021. We plan to distribute personalized worksheets to help you keep track of the time you contribute to UUCR. A non-personalized version is available here. We don't have a way to keep track for you; suggestions would be very welcome!



If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them via email to canvassteam@uucr.org

Blessed be!

Canvass Co-Chairs: Beth Mellen Harrison and Karl Irikura

  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world