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Board of Trustees

Who is on the Board?

President: Marie Vivas

Vice President: Ken Ambrose

Secretary: Myra Remigio-Leonard

Treasurer: Cita Furlani

General Trustees: Larissa Johnson, Karl Irikura, and Stephanie Joseph

Ex-Officio Members: Cynthia Shires-Thurston, Rev. Dr. Rebekah Savage, Settled Minister

The UUCR Board of Trustees is composed of seven members of the congregation.

  • The President chairs the Board, sets the direction for the Board’s work, and ensures that the Board gets its work done.
  • The Vice President assumes the role of the President during the President’s absence and may oversee special projects. The Vice President is also the President -Elect.
  • The Secretary records proceedings and decisions of congregational and Board meetings and makes those minutes available to the congregation. The Secretary makes sure there is a quorum at meetings if a vote is taken.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for receiving, safekeeping, and properly disbursing the congregation’s funds and for keeping accurate accounts of members’ pledges and contributions.
  • Three General Trustees each serve three-year terms and represent the broad interests of the congregation.

The Immediate Past President and Minister serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Board.

What Does the Board Do?

The UUCR Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation to ensure that its core values and purposes are reflected in UUCR’s policies and operations. The Board is responsible for managing UUCR’s finances, developing and implementing comprehensive plans, ensuring that the congregation is on track with meeting its goals, and crafting policies that support those goals.

The Board recently approved a Policy for Considering New Initiatives to provide a consistent process for new initiatives that will use UUCR facilities, funding or staff time, or which are likely to require considerable volunteer effort by the congregation beyond the initiating group. The Lay Ministry Council considers and approves new initiatives.

Can I Attend a Board Meeting?

Members, friends, and visitors are welcome at Board meetings, which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Monthly meetings summaries can be found here .

How Can I Learn More About the Board and Its Work?

Click here to see an online file that describes Board Activities and Initiatives.

You can identify Board members by their blue nametags. Look for the Board table in Fellowship Hall after the service, where you can find more information about Board activities.

Where Can I Read UUCR's Governing Documents?

The congregation's governing documents are saved as PDFs. Here you may read the Articles of IncorporationBylawsCovenant of Right RelationsFive-year Strategic Plan, and 2019 Annual Report.

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