Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Rockville, Maryland

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Around UUCR, Around the Year


• Multigenerational Ingathering Water Ceremony (the first Sunday after Labor Day)

• Activities Fair (information tables describing multiple UUCR committees and groups)

• Autumnal Equinox Celebration


• Path to Membership and New Member Recognition Sunday


• Fall Fundraiser (an onlline Action Auction is being run in Fall 2021)

• Community Ministries of Rockville food collection (the Sunday before Thanksgiving)


• Mitten Tree (clothing collection for Beacon House and Interfaith Ministries)

• Getting Ready for the Holidays with the “Getting Ready for the Holidays” pick-up band (an all-UUCR potluck and party with music and crafts)

• Christmas Pageant (Sunday worship before Christmas)

• Winter Solstice Celebration

• Christmas Eve Candlelight Services (a family-friendly service in the late afternoon and an evening service)


• Mid-Year Congregational Meeting 


• Annual fundraiser for the UUCR music program featuring gourmet desserts and live entertainment

• Senior Youth Group-led worship service


• Fellowship Dinner (all-UUCR potluck dinner to kick off the annual canvass)

• Canvass Sunday (Sunday worship service to celebrate UUCR and the canvass)

• Junior Youth Group Heritage Trip to Boston (bi-annual trip to the UUA and other historic sites in Boston)

• Spring Equinox Celebration


• Partner Church Sunday (a celebration of UUCR's partnership with the Unitarian congregation in Magyarzsakod Transylvania)

• Path to Membership and New Member Recognition Sunday

• Do It Day (an all-UUCR work day after the service to spruce up our buildings and grounds)


• Action Auction Spring Fiesta (goods and services auction and annual spring fundraiser for UUCR)

• Annual Congregational Meeting (includes annual election of UUCR officers)


• Music Sunday (worship service devoted to special music from UUCR’s Adult Choir and talented sources within UUCR)

• Wilkins Avenue Women's Assessment Center meals (UUCR volunteers provide a week of meals to this women's shelter managed by Interfaith Works, May 20-27, 2018)

• Multigenerational Flower Communion (the second Sunday in June)

• Summer Solstice Celebration



  • lifelong spiritual discovery
  • beloved community
  • a just world